About Us

About us

Hello Friends, 

My name is Manjeet, and I am a resident of Bihar India.
I have completed my graduation from 'Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar University'. It is in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. I have obtained  a bachelor of Arts degree from here. 

Friends, I created my blog on blogger, in January 2020. The purpose of naming this blog 'kitchenchilly' was that on this blog I created to share among the food recipe ideas. But gradually I changed this blog to multi  nich blog. Today on my blog, I have food recipes ideas, blogging tips, helth tips, biography of famous people/youtuber, upcoming festivals information, best insurance plan and technical information are also given. 

A part from this many other technical information to given to you on the kitchenchilly blog. 

Friends, used to visit my blog in the be beginning. But I did not give up and kept posting articals on my blog. Linked my blog on social  site too,  taday the result of that is that a lot af traffic is coming to my blog daily. I hope that the information available on my blog will be beneficial for you

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